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American Academy of Pediatrics Policy Statement Addressing Weight Stigma

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Educational Resources for Medical Professionals

The Rudd Center has developed online educational resources for health care providers to improve the quality of care for patients with obesity, and help reduce weight stigmatization in clinical settings. For clinicians working with this patient population, this resource equips them with strategies to improve provider-patient communication, make positive changes in the medical office environment, and increase awareness of personal biases that could unintentionally compromise patient care. In addition, the Rudd Center has created two online learning modules for the World Obesity Federation to further educate providers about the consequences of weight bias for health and healthcare. These modules also highlight the importance of addressing weight bias in broader health communication beyond the medical office setting. 

Online Toolkit

This toolkit, with downloadable files, is designed to help health care providers across a variety of practice settings with easy-to-implement solutions and resources to improve delivery of care for patients with overweight and obesity. The resources are designed for busy professionals and customized for various practice settings. They range from simple strategies to improve provider-patient communication and ways to make positive changes in the office environment, to profound ones, including self-examination of personal biases.

Conversation Casebook

This resource is called "Fostering positive weight-related conversations: Evidence of real-life learnings from the heart of care. A Knowledge Translation (KT) Casebook. This practical guide is designed to help healthcare professionals have positive weight-related conversations with children and their families, with some additional information specifically around children with disabilities, an often excluded population. 



For Your Patients

For Physicians

Produced by The Strategies to Overcome and Prevent (STOP) Obesity Alliance, this tool equips physicians with skills for building a safe, trusting environment with patients and facilitating productive conversations about weight.