Recent Publications

Puhl R, Himmelstein M, Watson J.   Weight-based victimization among sexual and gender minority adolescents: Findings from a diverse national sample.   Pediatric Obesity.   2019   February   1-11

Boehm R, Martin J, Foster J, Lopez R.   Food insecurity and obesity incidence across Connecticut.   Zwick Center for Food and Resource Policy.   2019   February  

Fernandes C, Schwartz M, Ickovics J, Basch C.   Educator Perspectives: Selected Barriers to Implementation of School-Level Nutrition Policies.   Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior.   2019   January   1-7

Harris J, Frazier W, Kumanyika S, Ramirez A.   Increasing disparities in unhealthy food advertising targeted to Hispanic and Black youth.   Rudd Report.   2019   January  

Schwartz M, Seligman H.   The Unrealized Health Promoting Potential of a National Network of Food Pantries.   Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition.   2019   January   14:1-2:1-3

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