Recent Publications

Loeb K, Radnitz C, Keller K, Schwartz M, Zucker N, Marcus S, Pierson R, Shannon M, DeLaurentis D.   The Application of Optimal Defaults to Improve Elementary School Lunch Selections: Proof of Concept.   Journal of School Health.   2018   April   Vol. 88, No. 4:265-271

Taber D, Dulin-Keita A, Fallon M, Chaloupka F, Andreyeva T, Schwartz M, Harris J.   Society of Behavioral Medicine (SBM) position statement: Enact taxes on sugar sweetened beverages to prevent chronic disease.   Translational Behavioral Medicine.   2018   April   1-5

Himmelstein M, Puhl R, Quinn D.   Weight Stigma in Men: What, When, and by Whom?.   Obesity.   2018   April   1-9

Puhl R, Himmelstein M.   Adolescent preferences for weight terminology used by health care providers.   Pediatric Obesity.   2018   March   1-8

Bragg M, Miller A, Roberto C, Sam R, Sarda V, Harris J, Brownell K.   Sports Sponsorships of Food and Nonalcoholic Beverages.   Pediatrics.   2018   March   Vol 141, No 4:1-11

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