Recent Publications

Puhl R, Himmelstein M.   A Word to the Wise: Adolescent Reactions to Parental Communication about Weight.   Childhood Obesity.   2018   July  

Boehm R, Wilde P, Ver Ploeg M, Costello C, Cash S.   A Comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from U.S. Household Food Choices.   Food Policy.   2018   June   1-10

Foster J, Adamsons K, Vollmer R, Mobley A.   A pilot study of low-income mothers and fathers of preschool age children to determine the relationship of food security and nutrition assistance on feeding style and child body weight.   Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition.   2018   June  

Martin K, Wolff M, Callahan K, Schwartz M.   Supporting Wellness at Pantries: Development of a Nutrition Stoplight System for Food Banks and Food Pantries.   Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.   2018   May   1-7

Andreyeva T, Kenney E, O'Connell M, Sun X, Henderson K.   Predictors of Nutrition Quality in Early Child Education Settings in Connecticut.   Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior.   2018   May   Vol 50, No 5:458-467

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