New Rudd Center Study Shows Children's Exposure to Candy Ads on TV Increased Substantially - Despite Makers' Promises


New Rudd Center Report: Restaurant, food and beverage companies disproportionately target more of their TV ads for unhealthy foods to Black and Hispanic youth


A New Rudd Center Study Shows Weight-Based Bullying Viewed as Most Common Form of Bullying in Children

A new four-nation study by the UCONN Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity found that weight-based bullying is perceived to be the most prevalent form of bullying in children.  


Rudd Center Study Finds Support for Classification of Obesity as a Disease

In the first assessment of public opinion since obesity was formally classified as a disease by the American Medical Association in 2013, a new study from the UCONN Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity has found that a majority of Americans support the designation.


New Rudd Center Study Documents Decrease in Plate Waste Following Changes to School Meal Standards

A study by the UCONN Rudd Center found that students ate more fruit and threw away less of their entrees and vegetables after new national healthier school lunch standards took effect than before the changes. Click on "read more" to hear a radio interview about the study findings.



Rudd Center Introduces WellSAT 2.0

The Rudd Center recently updated the WellSAT, a quantitative assessment tool of school wellness policies.  WellSAT offers a consistent and reliable means of assessing the comprehensiveness and strength of school wellness policies within or among states. 


Emerging Evidence Shows Energy Drinks Are a Growing Public Health Threat

A UCONN Rudd Center review of the evidence shows that highly-caffeinated, often sugar-laden energy drinks can harm children and adolescents, and supports physicians' groups and policy makers calling for restrictions on marketing and sales of these drinks to children under 18.


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  • Children See More Candy Ads on TV Despite Pledges From Companies

    TIME featured a new Rudd Center study showing children's exposure to TV ads for candy has increased substantially - despite makers' voluntary pledges not to advertise candy to kids 11 and under. Read More

  • UConn Study Says Ads For Unhealthy Foods Target Minorities

    An article on our new report by The Hartford Courant’s Daniela Altimari highlights a key message that, despite embracing a self-regulatory program, food and beverage companies disproportionately market unhealthy products to Black and Hispanic youth. Read More

  • A Bright Spot in the Law: Including Obesity

    Twenty five years after the Americans with Disabilities Act was signed into law, it is becoming easier for individuals with obesity who are seeking protection against weight discrimination to establish disability claims. Rudd Center Deputy Director Rebecca Puhl's opinion piece in The New York Times Read More

  • Weight Stigma Fuels Childhood Bullying

    When asked why children are bullied, the predominant view of thousands of adults from four different countries was that the most common reason was not race, religion, physical disability or sexual orientation, but weight. This new multi-national study led by the UCONN Rudd Center is featured in The New York Times. Read More

  • Feeding America's most vulnerable children

    "The largest economy on earth, the land of opportunity and yet too many children are going hungry in America." This CNN report focuses on Bridgeport, CT, where 40 percent of children rely on food stamps. Rudd Center Director Marlene Schwartz is one of the experts interviewed. Read More

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