Rudd Center Welcomes New Year at the University of Connecticut

The Rudd Center, its faculty, and staff moved to the University of Connecticut (UConn) in January 2015. It is one of the first major initiatives of UConn’s Academic Vision, which prioritizes health, wellness, and obesity prevention research as an integral part of the University’s mission.


Rudd Center Introduces WellSAT 2.0

The Rudd Center recently updated the WellSAT, a quantitative assessment tool of school wellness policies.  WellSAT offers a consistent and reliable means of assessing the comprehensiveness and strength of school wellness policies within or among states. 

Recommendations for Responsible Food Marketing to Children

A national panel of experts, convened by Healthy Eating Research, recently released a comprehensive set of model definitions for food marketing practices directed to children.

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The Rudd Center For Food Policy & Obesity

The Rudd Center is a non-profit research and public policy organization devoted to improving the world’s diet, preventing obesity, and reducing weight stigma.

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